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LED Lamps

LED Golf Ball Lamps

Do you have 2-wire lamp harnessing or festoon for your town centre Decorations or Christmas lighting? Is it looking a little tired? then try our LED Golf Ball Lamps

Save 93% on your Energy bills, and more importantly reduce your Carbon footprint by a whopping 96%

The all new unbreakable one colour LED golf ball lamp (70 x 45) with 7- High performance LED’s that use a total of one watt of energy, compared to the old type of lamp that used 15 to 25 watts. Our led golf-ball lamps come in 5 individual colours (white, red, green, blue, yellow) and have a life span of 30,000 hours, that’s 10 times the life of a normal lamp and remember they have an unbreakable poly-carbonate surround and conforms to IP65 when fitted into your lamp harnessing or festoon.

LED Golf Ball Lamps SLB-LED-A-45-7
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Golf Ball Colour Change Lamps (7C

Our all-new unbreakable colour change golf-ball lamps (70 x 45) that talk to each other containing 3-colour changing led’s using 0.6 watt. They will all change through seven different colour sequences (red, green, blue, yellow, purple, turquoise, ice white) when they are all switched on at the same time. This will make your old lamp harnessing into a tasteful and subtle colourful display

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Golf Ball Colour Change Lamps (9C

Our larger unbreakable colour change lamps (90 x 50) which also talk to each other, contain 10-colour changing led’s using 1.2 watt. They will all change slowly through seven different colour sequences (red, purple, ice white, blue, green, turquoise) when they all switch on at the same time. This larger lamp will also turn your old lamp harnessing into a subtle colourful display with a stronger colour and larger lamp

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LED Colour Change Pre-programmed Lamps

Now for our all singing and dancing pre-programmed large unbreakable lamps (90 x 50) containing 14 colour changing LED’s using 1.4 watts

They will make your two-wire lamp harnessing/festoon think it has four wires.

It not only changes through six different colours but also chases back and forth as it moves through a programmed display that cannot help but be admired. They come in groups of four (a.b.c.d.) that you fit into your existing harnessing in groups of four (a.b.c.d.a.b.c.d.a.b.c.d.). The lamp will do the rest providing they are all turned on at the same time. This will change your two-wire lamp harnessing/ festoon into a dynamic display that will be amazing when seen on a long display   

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