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Lamp Harness/Festoon

With our lamp harness the seal is so good you can feel the ‘pop’ when you remove the lamps. Gone are the days of rusting lamp bases and corroded pins. The festoon is manufactured using a special rubber compound that remains flexible down to 20 degrees below. You can also replace the upper seal if it should ever become damaged.

Harness is a series of bayonet cap lamp holders moulded onto a 2.5mm double insulated 240v cable.
It is designed to illuminate a variety of areas using coloured lamps and can often offer a low cost scheme when large areas require lighting.
Harnessing is perfect for large-scale decoration where strong and ample light is needed and is widely used for building decorations, in town squares, patio areas and along roads.

Available in 50m lengths: 330 mm, 500mm or 1000mm spacing between holders.

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Lamp Harness
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