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LED Lighting Products

Our Aim is to provide fantastic quality LED Lighting at an affordable price

What are the benefits of using our LED Lamps within your displays?

Your Energy bills

Our 0.6 watt lamp produces an energy saving of 93% over a normal 15watt lamp and a 96% saving over a 25-watt lamp that’s a real saving in your electricity cost.

Unbreakable plastic cover
Because our lamps have a polycarbonate surround, once the lamp has been fitted into your festoon or display, there is no need to remove the lamps again; you can leave the lamp in the festoon or display during installation,dismantling and storage.
Your savings in labour time alone could be counted in the thousands.

Reliable, Long life up to 30,000 hrs
With the extended life of the lamp your savings in replacement cost and labour time would be considerable.

Shock Proof, Shatter Proof, Vibration Proof

LED lighting Products
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